Keramatian Silky Carpet

     Isfahan is famous for its masterpieces of art. A cultural and historical city that makes everyone admire its beauty. Through decades the artists of Isfahan has done their best to introduce the world their own sense of aesthetic standards. Shokoh Iranian carpet co., Keramatian machine-made silk carpet brand with more than half a century of experience in the textile industry, proudly presents its unique and beautiful carpets which has provided the best quality, because we believe our customers deserve the best!

By the use of the most recent technology in Europe and the most qualified raw materials in Iran we have done significant innovations in carpet industry in Iran. Keramatian Company has made the first machine-made carpet machine and patented for innovating leather carpets. Keramatian machine-made silk carpet has a wide selling web, providing wide range of suppliers and sales agents, Keramatian Carpet Company has 24 direct sales branches and over 150 indirect sales agents both inside and outside the country also has presented its carpets in shopping malls like Hypermarket and Shahrvand. Through decades we have always tried to fulfill our customer needs in carpet industry. 

 The beauty, brilliance and refinement of the unique Keramatian carpet products are the result of the combination of experience, the most qualified raw materials and the most recent technology , which have made Keramatian carpets  very eye-catching, durable and close to hand-woven carpets.

Introducing the new product: Patine carpet (Collage) Keramatian

Corrosion in objects is associated with the oxidation or loss of tissue, surface, or color change, which suggests that it is a symbol of history and value of the object.

Paintering the art of obsolete bodies is outdated by using the color and texture and creating an appearance. In this art, with the help of shades of colors, illuminating, gleaming and matte, with objects, crumbled, worn out and old fashioned.

In the field of handmade carpets it can be said: carpet wool with the passage of time and due to friction With external factors, or so-called legs, they lose their scales, become old and opaque. Forging the carpet and making the carpets lose their raw and colorful stains, it has long been customary in Iran that the carpets are placed in the street market under the feet of pedestrians, or spread out in the sun with water and Rubbish and Ash that have alkaline properties wash them.

This days, we are proud to present the art of patina in the silk carving industry with modern and new techniques. Silky carpets Patine Keramatian has two years guarantee of washing.


The beauty and design of this carpet is like a handmade carpet. The characteristics of this carpet can be called durability and durability, beauty and elegance, non-fatigue, allergy and allergy.

This carpet has a large variety in the size of the circle and side, beautiful roles in the silk carpet, leather and rugs, patina and carpets.

The unique feature of this carpet is its light weight, which makes it easy to move, clean and rinse it.

The very flexibility of this carpet is such that it can even be carried in the luggage.

The very low absorbance of moisture in this carpet has resulted in its unique reception in the northern cities of the country.

And despite its excellent quality, it is cheaper than other competitors.

The provision of after-sales services and periodic discounts has led to significant consumer and domestic consumer rebates.


Considering the significant share of exports in the sale of company products, the establishment and development of a separate unit for export was put on the agenda of the portfolio managers. The export company of silk carpets in Karamatian has been proud to offer its products to all over the world by participating in several international exhibitions including Hannover, Germany, Russia, Qatar and ... as a successful exporter.



R & D units at the factory are the core of the research activities in the industry. This unit was created in Karamatian silk carpet with the aim of improving product quality, designing new product and optimizing production processes.



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